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 Half Track™ II Technical Daypack
Half Track™ II Technical Daypack
From trail to campus to skatepark, this tough-yet-talented daypack has its priorities straight.
Overall Rating 
2 / 5
2 / 5
Small and Shallow
PostedSeptember 10, 2011
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Location: Wisconsin
When the backpack arrived I was most disappointed with the stiffness and uncomfortability of the pack. The pockets are small and barely fit more than two big textbooks and two binders. When my textbooks are in the backpack there is not enough room for my laptop, so that compartment is completely useless for me. The pack fits perfectly on the small and mid of my back, I'm a short girl and don't like packs that sag too far down on my lower back and onto my butt. I just wish this pack was larger with deeper pockets.
I do not recommend this product.
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