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 Men’s Silver Ridge™ II Convertible Pant
Men’s Silver Ridge™ II Convertible Pant
One minute you’re tackling a ridge, the next minute you’re running a river. These convertible pants are the ideal solution for both multi-sport outings and unpredictable weather conditions.
Overall Rating 
3 / 5
3 / 5
Belt Loop Design
PostedSeptember 14, 2011
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Great pants except for the belt loop, which was poorly designed. I threw away the cheap belts that came with the pants and use a nylon money belt instead. It's a real pain to thread any belt through the loops. To make it easier, you might try what I've had to do. I removed the bottom 1" slat from a vinyl window blind from my bedroom window. I reinforced one end with a piece of duct tape. I then cut a piece of cord and pinned it to the reinforced end of the blind slat. I then slid the blind slat through the belt loops pulling the cord behind it. Once the cord was sticking out from both ends of the loops, I pinned the nylon money belt to the cord and pulled the belt through the loops with the cord. It's takes less than a minute once you get the hang of it. Roll the blind slat up, secure with rubber bands to keep it from unraveling, and take it with you on trips.
I would recommend this product.
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