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 Women's Double Back Parka
Women's Double Back Parka
You can tell the true powder lovers in any crowd: the worse the weather gets, the happier they become. The Double Back Parka was created for female skiers looking to take on the toughest runs and then come back for more.
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4 / 5
4 / 5
Beautiful and Amazing Coat
PostedSeptember 7, 2011
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Location: NW Indiana
Although I'm not a skier, I purchased this coat because I work in the midwest. We get "lake effect" weather starting in November and running through the end of March. I bought the coat before the winter season starts so that I'm prepared. I'm kind of looking forward to wearing it. It is cut a little snug, not sure if I will be able to squeeze multiple layers underneath it but since the coat itself has so many layers, I might not need anything extra. If I do need lots of layers, the coat has removable ones, so it's simply a matter of taking them out. There are lots of nice pockets, some of them are hidden. It's a really cool jacket and the color scheme (gray/red) is beautiful. I have lots more things in my Columbia wish list and I will slowly start purchasing them before winter really hits me where I live.
I would recommend this product.
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